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Robert W Gehl

Associate Professor

Department of Communication

University of Utah


I am an associate professor in the Department of Communication at The University of Utah. I am also an affiliated faculty member in the University Writing Program at Utah.

The courses I teach include critical studies of communication technology, new media theory, software studies, basic Web design, and political economy of communication.

My research draws on science and technology studies, software studies, political economy, and critical/cultural studies and focuses on the intersections between technologies, practices, and subjectivities. I received a PhD in Cultural Studies from George Mason University in 2010.

I've published research that critiques the architecture, code, culture, and design of social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogs in Social Text, Lateral, The International Journal of Cultural Studies, New Media and Society, Television and New Media, Computational Culture, and First Monday. My book, Reverse Engineering Social Media (2014, Temple University Press), explores the architecture and political economy of social media.

I've contributed writing to The Week, The New Inquiry, The Salt Lake Tribune, Culture Digitally, and RedThread. You can also see more of my writing on my fancy "weblog."

I've been quoted or interviewed by MSNBC, National Public Radio, Congressional Quarterly, San Francisco Weekly, and The Salt Lake Tribune. You can see more of my media appearances here.

Contact Information

Reverse Engineering Social Media, by Robert W. Gehl, book cover

Please watch for my book, Reverse Engineering Social Media, from Temple in 2014.